The Hotel is now closed until December 28th. From 28th - 31st it will be available for key workers and the vulnerable. The office will be open 10:00 - 17:00 28th - 31st December and again from the 4th of Jan 2021. 

We intend to operate a skeleton service for most departments Hotel, Restaurant, etc for those that are able to provide one of the Scottish Governments Valid reasons to stay and or use a Park service, eg Home delivery, Hotel, etc.  The list of reasons has been relaxed so please review prior to any request to use a service.

If you are in a Key Worker, supporting documentation required that you are working in the Fife area, if in a vulnerable group we need a note of the group.

The primary reasons as before included essential worker, self-isolation, essential worker carryout out at home, attend wedding/funeral, isolate from family member etc. However they have permitted additional reason that are listed at the following government web link:- Coronavirus (COVID-19): local protection levels - ,enter postcode KY3 or KY8 or any region in tier 4 for the list. 

In the meantime

Stay Safe